dimarts, de juny 30, 2009

Homemade Hollywood

Homemade Hollywood: Fans behind the Camera ens parla de fans que porten la seva passió pel cinema fins al punt que fan paròdies, seqüeles, "preqüeles" i homenatges casolans de les pel·lícules que idolatren.

Who would risk his life swinging six stories above the ground without a net, just for a homemade Spiderman movie? What would drive a young couple with a newborn baby to spend their life savings on a Star Wars film that has been seen by 4 million people--but from which they can never profit? And why would Steven Spielberg praise three nobodies for a home movie they made as teenagers in the Eighties? They’re fan filmmakers, creating the cinema of tomorrow: quick, bite-sized movies, starring world-famous characters from Superman to Captain Kirk to Lara Croft. The flicks are fun, free and totally illegal.

Les dificultats tècniques a l'hora de reproduir els efectes especial no són cap obstacle per filmar seqüeles amateurs de Star Wars o Star Trek.